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Monroe U11 Girls - Connecticut State Champions!!
Congratulations to Coach Bjorn and the entire 2006 Girls team...
MSC Code of Conduct Notification
Hi Parents,    With the start of the season quickly...
Concussion Information from CJSA
Effective January 1, 2016 each CJSA club is required to make available...
Monroe U11 Girls - Connecticut State Champions!!

Congratulations to Coach Bjorn and the entire 2006 Girls team for winning the Connecticut Cup State tournament and becoming the first U11 girls team in MSC history to win back to back state title championships.

In addition, thank you to all the parents who drove to Simsbury today to support the team.  

U11 Girls Team:

Ashley Colberg, Gianna Convertito, Sara Crespo, Alexis D'Angelo, Erin Davis, Lilly Garland, Gemma Grech, Emily Kass, Marise Klutch, Sarah Lardi, Sofia Lieto, Roni Rrapi

by posted 06/14/2017
MSC Code of Conduct Notification

Hi Parents,

   With the start of the season quickly approaching, it is important that all members read and familiarize themselves with the Code of Conduct Policy.  MSC has a zero tolerance in regard to members not adhering to the Code of Conduct policy set forth by CJSA SWD (governing body) and the MSC Club.   

Please take the time to read the below CJSA SWD and the attached MSC policies ( MSC Code of Conduct ).  It is important to understand that when CJSA SWD is involved with addressing any discipline infractions, it will become a reported event with the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association commissioning body in which that board can impose additional suspensions and sanctions beyond MSC recommendations.   All games and tournaments that MSC participate in are CJSA sanctioned.   Also, please remember there is no alcohol to be present at any MSC player event and there is no smoking allowed on the parents sideline.

   24 Hour Rule - Both Players and Parents should adhere to the 24 hour rule: any player or parent/guardian who is upset with a coach, for any reason, should wait 24 hours before approaching any coach or board member with complaints. This rule is intended to let parents and coaches have a cooling/calming down period. After that time, the first thing to do is to discuss the problem with a team manager, if necessary, the coach and/or board. It is the board’s opinion that, after waiting the required period of time, everyone will be able the discuss any problem in a calmer, more professional manner.

     Practice Policy - The Code of Conduct and 24 hour rule applies to all MSC sanctioned events and including practice.  Coaches and Players are the only ones permitted on the fields. All others including parents and siblings must stay within the designated areas for safety reasons.  



The SWD will not tolerate any unruly behavior by its players, coaches, managers and spectators    at matches.  By attending a SWD competition, practice or other sponsored activity, all persons   submit to proper behavior in accordance with all the provisions of the discipline policy contained herein.

The responsibility for enforcing proper conduct at SWD events rests with the host team officials (manager, coach and/or club officials). All participants and spectators agree to cooperate with team officials and will depart the playing environment when instructed by the team officials.  Host team officials agree to be held accountable for improper behavior of all participants and spectators, including maintaining a safe environment for players and referees.


The following specific guidelines must be observed at every competition:

1.With the exception of team captains, no player, team official or other participant or spectator is permitted to address the referee without the referee’s explicit consent.

2.Participants and spectators are not permitted to use abusive language or confront referees, coaches, managers or players of either team.  Verbal or physical abuse of any participant or spectator is prohibited.

3.Coaching by spectators is prohibited.  Spectators must not instruct players on the field during the match.

4.No one may enter the field of play without the permission of the referee.  In the event of injury, the referee will signal to the coach or other team official to enter the field of play after play has been stopped.  Spectators are never to enter the field of play unless the referee deems it appropriate in the circumstances.

5.Aggressive, threatening actions, whether verbal or physical, are grounds for removal from the playing environment.

6.All participants and spectators must stay at least 5 feet behind the touch line. Participants and spectators are not allowed behind either goal line. Only team officials are permitted to be with players on the sideline; spectators must remain on the opposite sideline.

Complaints may be submitted to the league commissioners.

The referee has authority over the field of play and its environment from the time of his or her arrival until departure.  No team official, club representative, participant or spectator may interfere with the referee’s authority.  The referee has the authority to suspend, terminate or abandon a match and may eject a team official or compel a team official to remove any and all spectators.  Law enforcement personnel and emergency responders are permitted on the field as necessary.

All participants and spectators submit to the authority of the SWD and its disciplinary committee.  Any finding and sanctions issued by the discipline committee will be binding upon the club and individuals involved.  Any individual who breeches a sanction imposed by district officials, risks additional sanctions (including expulsion) and possible further sanctions against the club and all of it’s teams.  The club has the responsibility to uphold district sanctions and aid in their enforcement.

Spectator Behavior – Sanctions for spectator misbehavior and/or referee abuse:

If a spectator is ejected for misbehavior or referee abuse, she/he at a minimum will not be allowed to attend the next two games of similar competition.  If there is a second ejection of a spectator from the same team, that team may lose all remaining home games and may have to pay referees. A second ejection may also result in forfeiture of league games. The Manager, Coach and/or club is responsible for making spectators aware of this policy and ensuring its enforcement.

Violation of the rules and the terms of suspensions and sanctions imposed by CJSA or the district may be posted on the district web site.



by posted 08/30/2016
Concussion Information from CJSA

Effective January 1, 2016 each CJSA club is required to make available either a written or electronic statement regarding concussions to each youth athlete (i.e. all CJSA players) and the parent or legal guardian of each player participating in any youth athletic activity. The law requires that this written or electronic information be made available at the time of registration of each player and must be consistent with the most recent information provided by the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding concussions.

Please click the link and read the CJSA Concussion Awareness Form. Share this information with your child.


by posted 10/10/2015
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